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Italy , Riccione.
internet, gaming, movies, anime, soccer.
Quake 2, Tribes, UOL, Tribes2, CS, CSS
Daoc, Wow, AoC...
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     * date:: 19-11-2008
Wow interface section updated. download ( BadRasta UI ) version 0.8 from wowinterface & worldofwar.net

     * date:: 11-11-2008
Finally my textures are ready for the release. Click to download ( World of Warcraft section ) rel beta 0.9

     * date:: 8-11-2008
New ui-texture sshots: Dark version & Frozen version . Ill release it soon as possible.
    * date:: 26-10-2008
New website style online! ;) some pages still under costruiction... the website versions is beta 0.9 now.

     * date:: 26-10-2008
I have got a new idea about my ui-texture. Here is an example of what Im trying to do : - new ui-texture 0.1 -
Leave a comment and tell me what do you think about it ^_^

     * date:: 25-10-2008
This is the first release of my new website layou, I hope you guys enjoy it... current version: beta 0.8
( I will probably start a new interface layout for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King )
... stay tuned ;)

     * date:: 23-10-2008
Anohter text test... website restyle 0.6, work in progress...